"It's our love of humanity and our service to share our knowledge with you for a happy and prosperous life."

~ Denise and Michael

Michael Firsow

Michael’s background in Civil Engineering and 15 years in Mortgage Banking provided the impetus for his passion for Mindfulness and Organizational Consciousness.  This lead to deepening his study of spiritual truths. 

He spent 13 years as a Brahmachari (Hindu Monk) and spent several years living in Varanasi, India running non-profit Humanitarian organizations for an International Ashram, a Women's Empowerment Center, and Shelter, a Children's School, and Hunger Relief program.

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With a background in Design and Architecture, Denise has spent 35 years working with International Design and Construction firms.  Denise is passionate about team building, one on one coaching, and developing strategic initiatives.


Denise studied a variety of modalities including Feng Shui, Geomancy, and Energy Healing methods with several master teachers throughout the world.  She combines her spiritual teachings and experience with organizations to provide a unique set of skills that combine the metaphysical teachings with the practicality of everyday life.  


Denise Gindhart
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