Free the Mind...


by Michael Firsow

The key to the experience of life is the awareness that the energy centers of our being, chakras, receive all impressions from outside of ourselves. The mind then takes possession of these vibrations and organizes them, for all intents and purpose, instantaneously. Thus, I am programmed through habit to react in a certain way or behavioral response pattern controlled by the mind. Therefore, the average person is unaware of the consciousness that is above, super-consciousness, below, unconsciousness, and moving through us through the vital energy centers, because the activity of the mind overpowers the sensitivity of these vibrations. This activity is a cascade of responses dictated by cultural, familial, personality, character faculties, dispositions and tendencies within me, which are more or less automatic. And, this surface activity is what I usually call myself.

There is no limit to our consciousness. The spectrum through which I experience life is this range within which our vital centers have been limited by the activity of the mind. For without the mind, there would be just a sea of vibrations without any coherent structure. The mind is the master organizer of information and knowledge, but it does not think thoughts into being or produce thoughts. Therefore, silence the mind and I can break the limits on the range of vibrations that I am conditioned to accept. 'Free the mind' and the whole gamut of the universe is there for the living!

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