Atlantis - The Andara of Balance

  • This beautiful 188-gram turquoise blue with an emerald green tip andara holds the frequencies of Atlantis before the fall.  He is strong, powerful, and holds a very high frequency when love, balance, spiritual knowledge, and service were prevalent in this sacred land.   He brings balance to spiritual knowledge, physical development, and the use of technology for the highest good in service to humanity.  He would benefit anyone working in the technology field in assisting them to bring balance to new discoveries while honoring the innate abilities of the divine-human.  His green point represents the emerald fire of the high heart so he can be used to access the highest possibilities in humanity's ascension timeline into 5th-dimensional consciousness.   Use him in your mediation, for creative projects, and for accessing the divine-human blueprint.  Sleep with him next to your bed to access your galactic ancestry to assist you in your awakening.    

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