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Rose Gold Flame III - The Andara of the Rose Gold Flame

$173.00 Regular Price
$131.48Sale Price
  • This beautiful 82-gram rose gold Andara holds the energy of the Rose Gold Flame.   The Rose Gold Flame is very important at this time on our planet.   Tap into her alchemical properties to support you at this critical time on the planet as we hold more light and dismantle the lower frequencies like EMFs, harmful chemicals, and energetic warfare so you are not impacted by them.   This is an excellent Andara for all lightworkers to use in their healing work, in their homes and offices.    This is wonderful Andara to use in meditation when doing release work so you can tap into the divine energies always available to you.   Sleep with it for protection during dreamtime and astral travel.    It is aligned with the Heart Chakra, Higher Purpose, and Global Healing.  We suggest this Andara be kept for personal use by its owner. 

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