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Sea Portal - The Andara of the Sea Temples

  • This amazing and rare 95-gram turquoise with a green-golden tip and black inclusions of “prima matter” contains the key codes of the deep Sea.   Look deep into him and allow him to take you to a place where all the records of the Earth are stored.   An ancient time when balance prevailed and we lived in harmony with the planet.   The “prima matter’ lines act as downloads almost looking like strands of DNA so they can access your Akash and help you remember your mission here on Earth and how you can best serve.   This is a wonderful Andara to place in a sacred place in your home or office.  Charge him up in the Sea water and sunlight.   Hold him in your hand while meditating to receive divine inspiration and downloads.   We recommend this be a personal Andara and worked with by its person.  

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