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Cosmic Whale - The Andara of the Galactic Whales

  • This beautiful deep navy 312-gram Andara holds the frequency of the great galactic whales.   Its deep navy color reminds us how deep the whales dive showing us the path into our own exploration into the depth of our soul.  The darker blue /grey lines and inclusions inside hold the energy of the planetary grid lines and how they are connected to the great cosmos of all creation.   Use him to tap into your galactic whale family and allow him to guide and protect you as you ascend into the higher dimensional consciousness.   Connect him with your pineal gland (third eye)  and into your heart to access his ancient knowledge.  Use him to help heal and repair the grid lines of our planet so we can hold the highest frequency and timeline for the new Earth as it emerges.   This is a great Andara to use in sacred ceremonies, healing of the oceans and land, and for personal healing work.   He is to be honored for the eons of service of holding the planetary grid lines through his songs so we can align and be reborn into love, unity, acceptance, peace, and balance.  

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