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Ocean - The Andara of the Goddess Ocean

$727.00 Regular Price
$508.90Sale Price
  • This incredibly rare and one-of-a-kind 330-gram crystal clear turquoise Andara with white waves at the bottom and bubbles inside holds the energy of the great Goddes Ocean.  The word Ocean comes from the Latin word “ōkeanos,” which literally translates to the “great stream encircling the earth's disc.”   She is consciousness itself and envelopes the planet with her loving grace and flow.    Every culture in history has a Goddess in honor of her and worshiped her gifts.    She is strong, powerful, radiant, and filled with much information.    Be still, hold her in your hands, and listen to her voice.  She is a great teacher and guide.   She will work with you as you dive into the depths and bring them to the surface in order to serve humanity and the planet through these times of transition.   This is a large Andara and would be perfect as an altarpiece where she can be honored.    Bathe with her, take her to the ocean, and allow her to show you the ways of the ancient divine waters.  

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