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Kundalini - The Andara of Kundalini Awakening

$108.00 Regular Price
$75.60Sale Price
  • This beautiful 35-gram deep red Andara with gold and emerald green inclusions holds the energy of the great Kundalini which is a form of divine feminine energy located at the base of the spine.    The benefits of activating your Kundalini energy are significant on many levels both spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. This is a wonderful Andara to work with if you are a practicing yogi and are working with the divine energy for healing on every level.   Use her in breathwork, yoga practice, and placing on your root chakra in meditation to assimilate these energies and awaken them within you.   We suggest this be a personal Andara and to work with a teacher who understands and can guide you through the kundalini awakening process.  

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