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Rainbow Dragon II - The Andara of the Great Rainbow Dragon

$155.00 Regular Price
$108.50Sale Price
  • This AMAZING one-of-a-kind 41-gram rainbow Andara holds the energy of the powerful Rainbow Dragon which is a symbol of spiritual awakening, mastery, and self-realization.   The Rainbow Dragon has significance in many cultures and has been seen as the blend of the divine union and balancing of the male and female energies of a kundalini awakening within and in union with another. It encourages one to seek deeper spiritual truths, embody compassion, serve in love, and embrace one’s personal power with humility. He is wonderful to hold in your hand while meditating, doing trance work, or astral travel. He is a great companion too if you are a planetary grid worker and are drawn to sacred sites. Keep him in a special space on your altar for protection and inspiration.   He is a personal Andara and will call to its person.  Thank you for saying YES!!!

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