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Clarity - The Andara of Profound Clarity

$333.00 Regular Price
$233.10Sale Price
  • WOW WOW WOW!   This incredible and rare crystal clear 131-gram Andara holds the energy of profound clarity. It contains rainbows and portals inside including one bubble to help you stay focused! This is a time of great change and there are times when we need guidance from within.   He is here to help you!   Gaze into him with a question or for direction and allow him to help you see clearly through any situation or project.   Hold him in your hand while working, meditating, praying, or sleeping to help bring a clear sense of direction to your inquiry.  He will assist you in tapping into your own inner guidance system and your higher self so you can move forward with confidence, joy, and excitement.   He is a personal Andara and should be worked with by its person.  

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