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Archangel Jophiel - The Andara of the Golden Ray

$366.00 Regular Price
$256.20Sale Price
  • This amazing and incredibly rare and unusual 218-gram light gold with white bubble inclusions holds the energy of the magnificent Archangel Jophiel.   Her name means Beauty of God and she is the Archangel associated with beauty, clarity of thoughts, and wisdom.   She can help you to embody enlighted thinking and action.   She can help you discover the beauty of the God within and to see the holiness of all things.  She can help with creative ideas and clear out lower thought patterns.   She is wonderful to use personally as well with others.   She is your guide and will love to be with you during meditation and prayer.   You can look into her and see her beautiful large white orb and rays of light inside of her.  She can help bring more beauty, joy, and peace into your life.  Place her in a sacred space on your altar or next to your bed for beautiful inspired dreams.

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