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Antarctica - The Andara of the South Pole

$92.00 Regular Price
$64.40Sale Price
  • This incredible and rare one-of-a-kind 33-gram effervescent sky blue with silver lines, bubbles, and black prima matter inclusions holds the energy of the continent we know as Antarctica loaded on the South Pole.  Antarctica represents the masculine pole of the Earth and has been manipulated over eons because of the great knowledge, teachings, and portals that exist there.  This is a wonderful Andara to work with if you are interested in helping our Earth realign into her natural state so the divine masculine and feminine energy can flow together creating balance, harmony, and peace.    Hold him in your hand where there is the perfect groove for your thumb to access this knowledge and bring more light to that area of the planet.   He is great to use in meditation for inspired downloads, sacred ceremonies, group collective work, and geomancy. This Andara will call to its person and is aligned with their soul’s mission.   Thank you! 

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