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Andromeda III - The Andara of the Andromedans

$138.00 Regular Price
$104.88Sale Price
  • This amazing beautiful and unique 60-gram effervescent pink-purple with golden light inclusions holds the energy of unconditional love and the star beings from the Andromeda Galaxy.  Eventually, our galaxy, the Milky Way, and the Andromeda Galaxy will merge, representing the coming together of the divine masculine and feminine on a quantum galactic level and they are being called to help Earth and humanity ride through this transition with ease and grace.  Andromedans are a peaceful race known for their pure love.  If you are a healer, this is a wonderful Andara to work with to tap into your intuitive healing abilities and fine-tune your innate gifts.  As you hold her tune into the ray of unconditional pure love.  Allow her to show you the ancient wisdom and spiritual insights needed at this time.  Use her in your healing work with sound, color, frequency, and light to create peace and harmony.  Meditate with her, sleep with her, and keep her in a special place to access all the beautiful blessings she has for you.

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