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Omega Centauri - The Andara of the Centaurus

$88.00 Regular Price
$61.60Sale Price
  • This amazing and unique 56-gram clear Andara is filled with white ‘stars’ and a golden inclusion.  This Andara holds the frequency of Omega Centauri which is the largest and brightest globular cluster in the Milky Way located in the consolation of Centaurus.  Centaurs are mythical creatures with a human head and a horse's body.  They have a deep connection to nature and a strong sense of justice.  They are also associated with spiritual understanding and this is a wonderful Andara to work with if you are working for a social cause for humanity and the planet. He feels great in your hand and can be used for meditation and intention-setting.  Gaze into him for downloads and insights on how to step into the highest timeline.   Only sleep with him for lucid dreaming until you acclimate to the energies.  This is a potent yet, beautiful Andara that will call to its person!  Thank you for saying YES!!!!  The stars are aligned.

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