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Maha Chohan - The Andara of Truth and Love

  • This amazing, unique brilliant gold 156-gram Andara with white orb clusters holds the energy of the magnificent Maha Chohan.  His name means "the Great Lord of the Rays”, and he embodies the the light of the seven rays.   He vibrates on the eight ray and his aura is metallic bronze, gold, and silver with a rainbow sheen much like this Andara. He represents the cosmic quality of comfort and peace to all life, not only for humanity but all of nature, including the animal, plant, elemental, and angelic kingdom.  His retreat is located over Sri Lanka, on an island in the Indian Ocean.   Gaze deep into him to access your inner truth and allow him to show you the true meaning of love.  He is a great teacher and will guide you on your path of service. Meditate with him and sleep with him for insights and downloads on how to express your soul’s mission. Place him on your altar or in a sacred space for divine protection and guidance.   He is magnificent and full of life.   He has been waiting for you! 

    Thank you for saying YES!

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