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Celtic Heart - The Andara of the Ancient Ways

$555.00 Regular Price
$421.80Sale Price
  • This incredible rare 296-gram deep turquoise green Andara contains galaxies, bubbles, and incredible inclusions that are hard to see in the photographs.   She is amazing and holds the frequency and ancient teachings held by the Celtic cultures from long ago.   The Celts were known for their understanding of the earth, the cycles, and the stars and planets.  They were aligned with the plant and mineral kingdom and created communities based on the natural order of things. If this is part of your lineage or through a past life association, this is the perfect Andara to work with to tap into those innate gifts that exist within you. Hold her in your hand, gaze into her, and sleep with her under your pillow to access the ancient teachings and ways that can assist humanity in these times of transition. She is a wonderful Andara to use in sacred ceremonies, planetary grid work, and offerings to nature.  Keep her in a special place and recharge her under the trees and on the fertile soil.     

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