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Storm Fire - The Andara of Higher Mind and Heart Balance

$330.00 Regular Price
$306.00Sale Price
  • This amazing and beautiful 150-gram crystal clear Andara with golden lines and bubbles of light holds the energy of the cosmic storm that aligns the Higher Mind with the Heart.  Hold him in your hand and he will dissolve any mind chatter associated with the lower mind also known as personality so you can be in a higher state of consciousness and connect with the pure source through your heart.   He is called ‘Storm Fire’ because as soon as he feels the imbalance, he will come in and clear the way for your alignment.  He is strong, yet gentle and precise.   This is a wonderful Andara to work with as you explore the higher states of being and allow the divine to move through your life.   This is a personal Andara as we suggest you meditate with him, keep him in a sacred space, and sleep with him next to your bed for assistance and integration into your true essence. 

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