Simon - The Andara Crystal Skull of Listening

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  • This very large rare 2298 gram Andra Crystal Skull is deep emerald green and perfect in its clarity.  It is hand-carved from a high-quality carver with no imperfections or markings.   He has been working with many other Skulls here in our grid on the property and is the first to ask to be listed to find his keeper.  His name, Simon, in Hebrew שִׁמְעוֹן Šimʻôn, means to "listen" or "hear".  He is loaded with downloads to share for those who will listen and hear him.   He can be used for sacred ceremonies, healing sessions, planetary grid work, and connecting to higher dimensional states.  

    A bit more about the Crystal Skulls:

    Crystal skulls are libraries of knowledge, akashic and multi-dimensional.  They are storehouses of information. This is especially true for ancient skulls that were made during the Atlantean era.  These ancient skulls are downloaded with vast quantities of information.  In addition to their knowledge, they hold the vibratory qualities of the crystal with which they are made.  If you want health or abundance, the composition of the skulls themselves can vibrate those frequencies within the human field that bring healing or abundance to the physical form.  

    Accessing the information within the Crystal Skulls is done by resonance with your own pineal gland.  If you feel called to a specific Crystal skull, it is because you have used them in past lifetimes and you are now ready to begin accessing those lifetime akashic records to bring forth the information to serve you in your journey of awakening and service to bring your multidimensional awareness into the physical form in this lifetime!

    If he is to work with you... we are honored!

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