Spring - The Andara of New Growth

  • This unique and rare 112-gram opaque light green andara represents new growth, like the Springtime as the earth begins to reawaken, this andara holds the energy of sprouting new ideas, bringing forth new project, honoring what is sacred in the earth, and creating harmony and balance.   She is best when located in a sunny spot so she can use her energies to help you grow and expand your intentions of love and service to humanity.   Her opaque color creates a groundedness when holding her and focusing on what you wish to create within yourself, for your community, your business, and the planet.  She is also a stone of abundance and prosperity as the season of Spring brings new life to that which has been dormant.   Meditate with her, bathe with her, use her when working on the land to assist you on your path of ascension.  

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