Pink Panther - Priceless Knowingness and Sovereignty

  • This amazing 56 gram rare deep rose pink Andara is about service through lightness of being.   It purifies being overly serious in life and creates fun, jocularity, playfulness, humor, enjoyment of life and being your authentic self.   It assists in freeing one from projections of popular opinions of who you should be.  It is the nectar of service steeped in wanting to show deep love with who other souls are being in this world.  Helps you realize others and to offer the opportunity to feel love, express love and be loved.  This a crystal of self love and freedom.  This Aandara makes you and everyone else better showing up in the highest as the highest aspect of self.  The Andara of ‘everyone wins’.  This Andara serves its compassion with a deep knowing of oneself with no need to search outside for anything because all felt as intimacy within.