Union - The Andara of Sacred Tantra

  • This amazing deep ruby red brilliant 173-gram andara is very special.  It holds the energy of the sacred union of the divine masculine and divine feminine as well as the sacred union within you.   It symbolizes the purity of the root and sacral chakras as they awaken the kundalini energy through your union with the divine.  Alchemical union clears the pathways in one's physicality, as well as the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies when they are honored and done in a sacred way.  Use this stone for clearing and activating your lower chakras for balance, peace, and groundedness.  This andara is wonderful to use while bathing or showering as well as sleeping for healing.  Place it near your sacral and root chakra while meditating to activate your kundalini while doing deep yogic breathing techniques.   

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