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Alchemy Andaras


The Andaras are a gift from our multi-dimensional Self to serve humanity through this grand ascension of Mother Gaia. Andaras were placed here in the Earth’s crust so that they would become available to humanity as our consciousness expanded to the extent that the Andaras could be utilized to enhance and accelerate the Ascension process. 

First, the silicon and monatomic nature of the Andara is such that it is one of only three crystals that actually work on the etheric realm of the light body to assist in integrating the etheric into the physical body and awareness. The Diamond and the Garnet are the other two crystals that work with the light-body formation. The Andara acts as a bridge between the carbon-based body and the 5th-dimensional silicon-based, 4th-density light body in form. The monatomic nature means that it was not created in polarity or duality. It was created in hyperspace fields, a technical term that means that the Andara is not from this vibrational plane of existence, so it has an extremely high frequency and spin rate. 

Second, the people who are called to be caretakers of the Andara and work with their consciousness are attuning their human consciousness with the Andara consciousness, merging, and creating a new consciousness called Andaran Consciousness. There are many channels, some from Thoth, the Egyptian and Atlantean priest, and others that describe the crystalline technology of the Atlanteans and their central use of Andaras to power their vehicles, shields, and technology. These are available to you through the public domain. We wish to describe those attributes that Alchemy has experienced firsthand in working with the Andara and the changes in our Consciousness so that you too can experience these attributes and benefits in your life. 

Alchemy Andaras have unique qualities and additional benefits from the overall categorization of benefits of an Andaran Crystal (see the Alchemy document entitled, “Short History of Andara Crystals and benefits of Alchemy Andaras” for a more thorough distillation of the benefits of working with Andara crystals). The mission of Alchemy: The Soul of Transformation is to serve the individual in their personal Ascension and Enlightenment journey. We call this Embodied Ascension, as Enlightenment does not require ascension, yet Embodied Ascension requires that Enlightenment and Ascension occur simultaneously for integration in physical embodiment. Alchemy Andaras serve both the Enlightenment of Consciousness and the physical body to Ascend, while simultaneously and gracefully serving the integration of both, while within its protective high-frequency vibrational forcefield and consciousness. Since Andaras are silicon atomic structures already and hold a high-frequency state of being, it is this stabilized quantum field that serves to protect the human cells from the chaotic and distorted energies of the 3rd dimension, as they metamorphize from carbon-based bodies to silicon-based light bodies. In effect, the Soul is ascending the body vehicle frequency so that it can hold more energy, light, and therefore more attributes of the Soul/Spirit in physical silicon upgraded-body form. The Andara not only adds it strengthens the chrysalis of protection in the metamorphosis, it is the strong nuclear quantum bonding of the Andara crystalline nature that serves to catalyze and anchor the metamorphosis in the human body, thus creating what is termed accelerated ascension. The Alchemy Andara brings a grace of mastery to the Adept on the path of Celestial or planetary ascension. Andaras serve the human Awakening experience to be so much more enjoyable, empowering, and intentional. 

Based on our 14 years of experience in working with some of the original Andaras from Lady Nellie’s Land, we use our discernment and inner guidance when working with our suppliers from North America, South America, and Europe. The Alchemy Andaras have been initiated in working with human consciousness. In so doing, they have also connected with Andara from all over the world. This connection allows them the opportunity for the transference of quantum information by interacting with Andara found in deposits all over the world. In other words, these Andara are already integrated into the physical global Andara grid and are in communication not only on the 5th dimension but on the 3rd as well. The Andaras individually and collectively are connected to the 5th dimensional new Earth grid and act as a bridge and buffer for the Ascending human caretaker that merges into this Ascension support structure. 

This is just the beginning of the capabilities of the Human-Andaran Consciousness. We have just scratched the surface of the realizations and benefits that are available to those of us called to this service and this path of Embodied Ascension. The Andaran Consciousness is not just an enhancement to Human Consciousness, but an expanded state of consciousness that holds the human consciousness within it. It is hard to describe in words that only give a conceptual understanding, yet totally understood when experienced. 

In closing, the Alchemy Andaras have been a huge support for me in moving through the Celestial or planetary ascension process and the activation of this Stargate Ascension through the heart forcefield. The high frequency and silicon structure of the Andara serve to stimulate the Akashic Quantum DNA to activate 12-strand DNA weaving and activation of Akashic record memories. The Andaran Consciousness merges with the 12-strand DNA of the human consciousness, activating the Divine Human Blueprint. It serves to activate memory keycodes that stimulate the weaving of the ethereal quantum DNA template from Source-field pure potential plasma into manifestation. This stargate ascension is accelerated ascension through Mastery. 

Please note, that the Alchemy Andaras typically pick their owner too. Andaras works on an energetic level. Those that resonate with the Alchemy Andaras are working with the Andara Consciousness which is an accelerated ascension path. Our intention is that you enjoy working with these amazing beings and find fulfillment and expansion on your journey. If you are not completely satisfied with your Alchemy Andara, you can return it for a full refund. 

Copywrite: Alchemy: The Soul of Transformation 2024

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