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Business Alchemy

Transform your business with Alchemy!

These sessions are focused on business practices to align your value system with your organization, product or service.  By aligning your soul with your intentions in business it can be fully expressed in the world with joy, ease, grace, and prosperity.  Sessions are in-person or remote Zoom video conference.  

Enlightened Leadership

Tap into your fullest potential as a Leader

This session we will work with you to uncover the secrets to becoming and embracing the Enlightened Leader. We will explore your work and how you lead teams and groups within your organization.  The sessions can be in person or remote Zoom video conference calls.

Mindfulness Training and Practice

Let go of the chaos... and allow your heart to sing!

You will learn several proven techniques backed by science to help you align your energy to promote clarity, creativity, self-expression, and freedom.  The session can be in person or remote Zoom video conference meetings.

The purpose of these sessions is to support those people who are going through major transitions in their lives and wish both moral and energetic guidance.  Also, these sessions are designed to support those who wish to understand the mysteries of their spiritual path. Transitions are catapults for transformation.

One Hour - In Person or Remote

Private Meditation is designed to assist those individuals who wish to awaken the inner sanctuary of their own inner peace.  It is also designed to open the heart and awaken the feeling of love that is our true essence. Simply said, meditation is the best way to transform yourself.  Sessions are done in person or remotely.

Space Harmony: Home, Office or Property

Utilizing sacred principals to create ease, abundance and flow.

The purpose of this session is to clear any discord energies from your home, office or property. We use a variety of tools including Feng Shui, Dowsing, Crystals and Scalar Technologies to harmonize your environment for perfect health, prosperity and abundance.

The purpose of the Alchemy Energy Session is to transform and upgrade your energetic system.  This is done by raising the frequency of your body, energizing the vibration of your cells, and clearing old traumas and stagnant energy fields.   A unique crystal grid pattern is created specifically for you during the session. Insights and suggestions are also shared with you to continue the work.  Alchemy Energy Sessions can be done remotely or in person.

Vedic Astrology Readings

Insight into the birth cart of businesses and individuals for clarity, understanding and support

Pundit Samavedula is a world-renowned Pundit who has dedicated his life to the study of the ancient Vedic texts and the Indian science of Astrology, called Jyotish.   The sessions are 1-hour consultations and provide specific Vedic techniques and remedies that are tailored to your unique needs to work with planetary influences and support one's life purpose to provide alignment in the mind, body, and spirit.

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Please contact us directly to schedule a session or consultation if you wish to learn more.

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