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The purpose of the Alchemy Energy Session is to transform and upgrade your energetic system.  This is done by raising the frequency of your body, energizing the vibration of your cells, and clearing old traumas and stagnant energy fields.   A unique crystal grid pattern is created specifically for you during the session. Insights and suggestions are also shared with you to continue the work.  Alchemy Energy Sessions can be done remotely or in person.

Private Meditation is designed to assist those individuals who wish to awaken the inner sanctuary of their own inner peace.  It is also designed to open the heart and awaken the feeling of love that is our true essence. Simply said, meditation is the best way to transform yourself.  Sessions are done in person or remotely.

The purpose of these sessions is to support those people who are going through major transitions in their lives and wish both moral and energetic guidance.  Also, these sessions are designed to support those who wish understanding of the mysteries of their spiritual path. Transitions are catapults for transformation.

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