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History of Andara Crystals and the benefits of Alchemy Andara Consciousness

In 1967, a unique mineral deposit was discovered near one of the earth’s high-energy vortex sites of Mount Shasta in the High Sierra Mountains of northern California. Monatomic Elements of Gold, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium, Chromium, Platinum, and other monatomic minerals were found in this deposit. This natural mineral complex exhibits extraordinary properties that strengthen and stabilize the electromagnetic fields of the human body. Andara crystals were originally found by Nellie, a half-Choctaw Indian, Medicine Woman, and shaman with innate intuitive gifts. She immediately knew the stones had powerful healing properties of exceptional power and beauty.


Scientific testing has proven that Andara crystals are incredibly special and unique. The soil in which Monatomic Andara crystals were discovered contains high levels of monatomic metallic elements.  Monatomic metallic elements are single-atom metal elements that behave very differently than normal metals. First, as an example, monatomic gold is a fine white powder with extraordinarily little weight, whereas metallic gold is very heavy. The atomic electron spin rate “frequency’ in monatomic gold is much higher than in gold. Very specialized equipment is needed to be able to test monatomic gold, as normal testing procedures produce inconclusive results or offer an unknown substance reading. These crystals interact with the human electromagnetic field, restoring health and equilibrium. This fine white monatomic gold is called Ormus and has been theorized to extend life expectancy and change the atomic structure of the cells.  We have heard from Egyptian locals that scientists have been mining the Ormus for medicinal purposes.


Through channeling transmissions of the Ascended Master Thoth, the Andara Crystals were seeded here by Time-walkers for humanity to discover during this ascension phase. Others believe the monatomic metallic elements were heated to high temperatures by an asteroid or other intense means, which caused them to transmute to a glass-like material, Monatomic Andara crystal.  Through our own experimentation, we have gently knocked the Andara together, which creates a giving-type of thud that you can hear.  Whereas when you tap colored glass crystal with an Andara, the colored glass makes a tinging sound that you get when toasting glasses together.  You can audibly distinguish the difference between Andara crystal and colored glass and feel the difference in specific gravity.  Furthermore, silicon quartz has a very strong atomic structure that is a hexagonal lattice, whereas in glass, the structure is non-hexagonal and considerably weaker.  The Andara has a hexagonal atomic structure; therefore it is in resonance with the plasma silicon crystalline energetic structure, which is the plasma light body of the ascended human template.  This resonance field of the Andara serves the human DNA to transmogrify to its 4th-density physical plasmic light form / 5th-dimensional consciousness.


Although their origins are a mystery, their properties and benefits have been scientifically confirmed as having:


  • Very high atomic spin rate, vibrational energy that serves to raise all energies within its proximity.

  • Pop in and out of existence, effectively changing timelines, and colors, displaying similar properties to light photons, both particle and wave.  This serves to sync with the light photons of the human body.

  • We have inferred that the changing of colors can also be attributed to changes in the human consciousness, and intentions of human beings, and the changing of the service of the Andara.  For instance, you may work with the Andara on teleportation initially.  Then you add the intention for the protection of your energy field.  This can cause color changes. 

  • Andara vibrational energy passes to other 3D objects, raising their frequency.  This energy is transferable, self-sustaining, and immune to 3rd dimension duality or distortions, meaning they are not affected or manipulated by human distortions.

  • The Andara is “Prima Mater”, the first element at the heart of a star or planet, the source from which all other forms, individuation, and specialization manifest.  This makes the Andara a source of purity.

  • Andara has a history of healing and expansion of consciousness for humanity.


Through direct experience of working with Andara Crystals for many years, we have reported the following benefits:


  • Merging of Human and Andara Consciousness resulting in a newly expanded state of human consciousness

  • Expanded Awareness has increased access to universal knowledge, knowingness, and intuitive perceptions.

  • Activates channeling abilities and integrates these expanded states of Awareness.

  • Accelerates the spiritual development process through quantum entanglement and activates Continuing (focused willpower) Consciousness through crystal gazing.

  • Creates a bridge between the ethereal (energy) and physical body, integrating the light body and shifting awareness from a material plane-only perspective to an energetic-consciousness soul-centered perspective.

  • Manifestation, creative and inspirational abilities heightened by the placement of your intention in the Andara energy field and Continuing Consciousness of expanded mental spheres.

  • Clears and balances chakra individually and collectively syncing to higher order sacred geometry templates of consciousness.

  • Feelings of profound empowerment and knowing.

  • Andara works to integrate through the heart the frequency and tone of full-spectrum love.

  • A higher spin rate increases your frequency and energy, causing profound healing and rejuvenation.

  • Higher frequency promotes letting go of old patterns and behaviors, manifesting new life experiences in alignment with the heart, and unconditional love.

  • The AndaRa is a collective of advanced Cosmic benevolent intelligence serving the cosmic Divine Order and Cosmic Intelligence.  

  • The name itself is keyed tones that activate vibrations in DNA and the chakra intelligence systems, thereby accelerating evolution through sound and light coding.

  • The AnDaRa crystals act as quantum feedback loops that evolve in simultaneity with their human counterpart.  It is a multi-dimensional programmable frequential learning and evolving consciousness designed to assist its human partner in realizing its intentions through alignment with Divine Order and service to the One “All That Is”.

Copywrite @Alchemy: The Soul of Transformation 2024

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