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Bali and Damanhur: Insights in Manifesting the New Timeline

Happy July! We have been on the road, weaving the magic and getting many downloads with so many incredible souls throughout the world. Together, we are creating a new reality based on love, acceptance, compassion, adventure, and joy, and wish to share this with you.

Part I: Lessons from Lemuria: Bali and the Rainbow Serpent Lines

There are no words to describe Bali!  If you have been there,  you understand exactly what we are referencing.  Bali is often referred to as the “Island of the Gods”.  Magic seems to happen everywhere.  Bali is considered the “Purification Center” of the World and is the conjunction of six ley lines through six sacred sites where all elements are purified.  


We were fortunate to travel to these Bali sites with an amazing group of Souls! Led by Raeline Brady, an incredible spiritual midwife, warrior, goddess, and guide.  She orchestrated a weaving of our DNA and Soul’s paths through the powerful vortices on the island.  We were in awe of her profound service to humanity and the planet.  We knew our work with the elements and the rainbow serpent lines was one of the primary reasons we were called there, and the service with our Soul family was an intimate surprise. 


When you view these images, you are receiving an activation, so that you can feel and sense within your heart that which is being frequentially opened for you.  Each place has such a vast significance, that we thought that this newsletter should be composed mostly of images because “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Feel the ones that resonate with you and allow Bali to serve all through you. 


We began the journey at the Pura Tanah Lot Temple where there is a cave within which several Sea snakes reside.  These snakes are considered to be holy, are administered by adept Pundits,  and are revered as representatives of the Kundalini energy and the power of the vital and liberating forces of Mother Kundalini.  There, the pundits offered us snake darshan or blessings for the power of awakening the kundalini Mother in each of us.  The snake represents the light and dark coming together in unification and transformation, a process we all go through.  It was incredible to see Raeline work with the snake, as it released its deadly venom and transmuted some karma from the collective.

Our next stop was Goa Gajah, also known as the  Elephant Cave as we asked for clear passage and blessings for our continued journey.

After spending time in the magic turquoise waters with all the Mer beings and Dragons we traveled to the Uluwatu Temple which is where the two serpent lines (male and female) join.  As we activated the trinity (three is very significant in Bali), we ventured to the sacred fire ceremony on the Ocean where they tell the story of Goddess Sita and her consort Ram.  The story is about love, devotion (Hanuman), overcoming betrayal, courage, and finally unification.  Every night at sunset, 70 Pundits (priests) go into a trance state as they chant in the circle creating a powerful vortex enrolling a thousand watching pilgrims while activating and purifying these ley lines.   Such is the Balinese culture’s service to the Earth.

We heard the call of the Balinese Dragons.  Our next stop was Besakih (Dragon) Temple, the largest temple in Bali.  The temple complex embodies the Balinese belief of Tri Hita Kirana, three principles that hold that life on earth should be lived in balance and harmony between Humans, God, and Mother Nature.  We made special offerings to the Dragon with a ceremony honoring the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.  At the top corner of the temple, where the Divine Mother is represented,  there is a large beehive.  We were so fortunate to receive some of this sacred honey.

Our next stop was the sacred water temple of Tirta Empul, where the holy spring water ceremonies and sacred bathing rituals are performed for purification.  This, by far, was one of the most profound experiences on the journey as the consciousness of the water was palpable.

On our last full day together, we ventured to Lake Batur, which is a caldera crater lake surrounded by Bali's most active volcano.  We spent time bathing in the sacred natural hot springs and then ventured out onto the Emerald Lake to see the Great Goddess Dewi Danu monument which can only be visited by boat.  These temples were not for the masses, but humbly erected offerings to the deities that reside in these most sacred waters and powerful vortices of Earth.  The Pundits invited us to bathe in the sacred waters of the temple before venturing out on the lake to see the great Goddess Danu, who watches over the waters.  We had accumulated a gathering of our sacred waters from all over the world and we offered them to Goddess Danu, asking for blessings for the entire planet.

One of our biggest wonderments, besides all the magic, love, and laughter, was the incredible flow and balance that exists on the island.   Bali is truly an embodiment of the Divine Feminine and Lemurian energies.   These energies were fully activated and anchored in us, as we prepared for the next chapter of our journey, Damanhur, Italy.

You can learn more about Raeline and her sacred journeys on FB:;

Bali, Lake Batur Dewi Danu Goddess
Lake Batur

Part II: Activating the Divine Feminine, Lessons from Atlantis and Damanhur

Damanhur Italy
Damanhur: Temples of Humankind

As we arrived in Italy, it became readily evident we were there to meet with another amazing group of Souls from around the world.  This Soul tribe was called together by Kelly Kolodney, who is a well-known channel for the Archangel Raphael.   Kelly had scouted Damanhur recently and was called to bring members of her community that could offer their starseed DNA and intergalactic lineage to support the realignment of the new Divine Mother energies into the planetary grid and usher in a convergent timeline.   The Damanhurians, as they call themselves,  are a group of beings that feel very connected to past lives in Atlantis.   They are grounded in science and research and have mastered many advanced technologies.   One of the codes that we were able to Presence was that of the divine feminine, among several other light codes.

We spent several days in the temples performing activations and offering our love and devotion.   The energy of Mary Magdalene was very present in our group and necessary for the timeline of the New Earth.   As we practiced our activations and mediations, we noticed, from our perspective, a merging and a softening of the energies of the Divine Mother and Atlantean consciousnesses.  

What started as hesitation on what we were doing there grew into a tremendous understanding of respect, love, and appreciation for what the people have created at the Temples of Humankind. Our lesson was about connecting with all beings, free of judgment in love, acceptance, collaboration, and unity.


We want to acknowledge Kelly Kilodney and Debashree Turel for their incredible transparency, honesty, impeccability, and authenticity of their insights with our group and the Damanhurians in Italy.  Both communities felt synchronically and harmoniously working together to create a new Earth and a higher timeline.   


You can learn more about Kelly and her work here:

You can learn more about Damahnur here: 

With infinite love and blessings... as the journey continues.

Denise and Michael


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