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The Andara Relationship to Earth Silicon and Water Elemental Consciousness

Question:  How do Andara’s relate to sacred geometry structures of the hexagonal atomic structure of silicon, the icosahedron structure of water, and the consciousness of humanity?

Alchemy's Insights: The atomic structure of silicon found in quartz is a hexagonal structure.

The atomic structure of the Silicon found in glass is called non-amorphous silicon and is not hexagonal in structure. The bond in glass is not as strong as in the silicon in quartz. The hexagonal structure is very important in the transformational process of the atomic structure of silicon when it changes from its matter state into its higher vibratory state as light. The consciousness of the non-physical Andara has changed the atomic structure of the silicon in the Andara crystal into a hexagonal structure from that of a glass non-amorphous structure. The Andara is lighter and can be energized with less energy than traditional glass silicon.

A hexagonal structure Is a cross-sectional view or two-dimensional view of a more complex structure called a star tetrahedron. A star tetrahedron has two tetrahedrons in counterbalancing, unifying position within its structure. It is the polarity fully balanced in its sacred geometry structure. We can say that the star tetrahedron is the female tetrahedron pointing down into Mother Earth and the masculine tetrahedron pointing upwards into Father’s Sun.

When we speak of sacred geometry, we are speaking of the geometric shapes that hold a type of consciousness that descends into that form or container. We can stack geometric forms, or nest them, or interlock them and create or hold different, higher vibrational consciousness. When we speak of sacred geometry, we are speaking of conscious entities that are six-dimensional in vibration, the builders of form or Elohim. Spirit slows itself down to create the sacred geometry containers that allow the expression of that consciousness in the lower dimensional fields of form, like that of 5th-dimensional light, 4th-dimensional love, and third-dimensional matter realms.

Water is the consciousness of the sacred geometry structure of the platonic solid called the icosahedron. A dodecahedron, the sacred geometry form of the platonic solid that is an ether or spirit element, has 12, 5-sided equilateral pentagram faces. The 12 faces can be stellated or connected to central inner zero-point vertices, the heart in the physical realm, and 12 outer pyramidal vertices of equilateral size, making a 12-pointed star.  This stellated dodecahedron has the consciousness of Christ Consciousness. This 12-pointed star fits exactly within the icosahedron, where each of the tips of the stellated dodecahedron intersects the 12 vertices of the icosahedron. Together they create a very, very strong structure that we term Unity consciousness or Oneness consciousness. The dual polyhedron, icosahedron plus stellated dodecahedron can be considered the unity of water consciousness and spirit consciousness.

Now the hexagon or star tetrahedron can be fitted inside the unity consciousness grid. The vibrated or spun star tetrahedron is called a Merkaba or a vehicle of light. This Merkaba generates a large electromagnetic field when spun and sits within the unity dual polyhedron. The hexagon is the atomic structure of silicon, and as it increases its frequency into trillions of beats per second, forms a lattice of diamond silicon. There is a sacred geometry form called the octahedron or diamond within the Star Tetrahedron. A diamond or octahedron has 8 equilateral triangle faces and 6 vertices for points. Each of the six vertices of a diamond corresponds to the face of a cube, therefore one has a cube that forms a frame around the diamond. In other words, a cube houses the diamond. The cube is the consciousness of the Earth element, and the octahedron is the consciousness of the air element.  Literally, you have air-breathing life into matter.  Matter excited through increasing frequency spins into Light.  The Light is contained within the Higher consciousness of sacred geometrical forms that hold the consciousness of Spirt and Water.

The hexagonal structure has 6 vertices and around each of those vertices is a zero point or center of a sphere. Within each sphere, one has the holographic duplication of the icosahedron holding the stellated dodecahedron nested within the star tetrahedron that nests the cube and finally the diamond or octahedron. Around the center point of the hexagonal structure, where the zero point or center point, is another sphere, the central sphere, that we call our light body or physical vehicle. Altogether we have seven spheres that make up the seed of life. Each one of these spheres can be related to one aspect of the universal mind, and all seven spheres together create the God mind or unity consciousness.  Therefore, we can see the importance of the hexagonal structure as a micro-holographic picture of the Universal Mind or Oneness consciousness of which all 6 hexagonal spheres are contained within the Icosahedron or Water consciousness that is merged with and can be also seen as superimposed upon the stellated dodecahedron or Christ Consciousness. The ‘Way to the Father’, dual polyhedron of Icosahedron and stellated dodecahedron or Oneness consciousness, ‘is through me’, the Christ, stellated-dodecahedron sacred geometry holding Spirit consciousness as form.

Silicon is an earth-based crystal in the form of quartz that is also considered to come from our sun and its Solar consciousness.  The Sun is a product of the Milky Way and its 5th-dimensional consciousness that we call the Alpha and Omega of this galaxy. The Andara is a sun solar 6th-dimensional consciousness from the Andromeda Galaxy. In the future, the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy will form One unified consciousness as one sacred union galaxy. Both consciousnesses can be accessed by, “Seeing beyond the form and connecting with the Soul essence of both consciousnesses within your heart and accessing the feeling nature that is the clairsentience of your light body”. By connecting with the Soul consciousness of the Andara, the Lemurians that first ceded the Andara consciousness in the planetary Akash underwent a rapid transformation from the rest of the Lemurian collective and became the Andarean collective. 

Andaras love the Water!
Andaras and Water

By working with the Andara crystals, we are working with a planetary technology that has seeded here from the Lemurian civilizations and accessed the Andromedan 6th-dimensional consciousness that is the guiding and binding force behind the physical form of the Andara.  It is that guiding force that is the doer and teacher. All that we are to do is align with it through our hearts and attune to its resonant frequencies within us. It is the resonant vibrations that activate the DNA to transform the human template back to its original Divine template and frequency.  


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