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Halo Torus Ring Consciousness, Cosmic Knowingness, Higher Mind Integration

Halo Torus Ring Consciousness

The Halo Torus Ring Consciousness is a vibrant white, plasmic, silvery fluid electro-magnetic ring torus field that holds within its aperture, a transparent clear consciousness that we call Diamond Consciousness.  With your own resonate attunement abilities as a Soul-Spirit Human, you can bring this Halo Consciousness into your own Light body, effectively activating your chakra and nadial nervous system to align with the light codes and consciousness of this highest aspect of your greatest Soul-Self. 

As you hold this structure in your own inner intention and vision, the Halo torus field unifies the other consciousness perceptive centers or chakras to mimic and resonate like-consciousness torus vortexes.  As the torus electromagnetic fields align horizontally in parallel circuits, the inner event horizon, diamond clear consciousness of Higher Self can create a force field tube of Higher frequency protection and permeability that surrounds your auric field and light body.  This Diamond Clear Consciousness, cylindrical field, acts to buffer you from discordant outer electromagnetic fields and develops a shell of peace, sovereignty and integrity for your Soul vehicle to embody the physicality within in ease and grace of Divine Mother's blessings.

As we begin to integrate this Diamond Clear consciousness through all of our higher chakra consciousness perceptive faculties, we attune to feeling this energy as a guiding consciousness.  We become Aware of this clarity through our sentience or feeling nature and the pure Diamond Clear consciousness becomes our tangible Presence and integrates into beingness of our own Self. To become aware is to ground the feeling nature of the crystal clarity consciousness.  In this mediation we consciously pull this energy into the Earth grid ley-lines and core of Mother Gaia to unite with our Higher 4th dimensional counterpart. In that union, we anchor this Halo consciousness into our field and into the Earth ley lines as a momentum of consciousness that humanity can access for their evolution and ascension.  

Breathe through the Source within your heart field and know that you are spreading Diamond Clear Consciousness back into the planetary grid.  As the grid becomes sentience through your awareness, the Planetary Mind or Logos becomes activated through humanity's participation and sponsorship of the Diamond Clear Consciousness and activities of re-qualification of lower discordant energies into their original purity of Diamond God consciousness. 

You are literally changing the consciousness of the planetary consciousness through the contribution of your life force, pranic energies through your own Higher Self realization process.

Below is a link to the meditation that talks you through activating your Halo Torus Ring. The meditation begins at 15:54 into the video. The first fifteen minutes are Denise and Michael discussing the current energies happening on the planet and how to negotiate through them.

These activations are designed for you to hold more light and sustain in into your light body in support of your work on the planet at this time.

Thank you for your life experience, your contributions to the planetary collective, and your service to the ascension of Mother Gaia!


Denise and Michael

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