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Meeting Your Spirit Guides

In this meditation, we activated the heart field and descended into our own 'Sanctuary of the Heart'. Within this Holy of Holies is the seat of our Soul and our Eternal Flame of existence. We empowered the electromagnetic field of our heart to create a sovereign space that is undisturbable to chaos and dissonance frequencies of the outer world. It is from this place that we are able to access our own private connection to God's Source. In the eternal flame of our hearts, we can call upon all of our spirit guides, mentors, and trainers to assist us through the evolutionary period. We can also access other aspects of our multidimensional nature to awaken those connections. the flow of support and nourishment to enhance our present Soul journey! Our guides assist each of us individually and collectively to expand our consciousness to hold that aspect of us that is Beyond Time. It is a consciousness that the Vedic scriptures and the Hindu's sciences call Maha Kaleshwar or Maha Kal; The Great Time or beyond time! From that perspective, we can all view our own Soul contracts and journey in its potentialities. What would you change? How would this knowledge change your Now perspective on life? Enjoy this meditation with the possibilities that are inspired and the implications that are aroused by the new impulses of creativity that open for you!


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