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Planetary Logos activating collective consciousness of humanity thru attunement to Aurora Borealis!

In this guided meditation, we are attuning our individual light bodies and auric field with that of the Higher Mind of the Gaia planetary consciousness. As Humanity embodies more and or their own chakra and light body, turning on the multidimensional DNA, RNA and genes encoding our divine human template, we begin to integrate into the 4th dimensional and 5th dimensional consciousness of Mother Gaia. This Higher Mind can be called the Aurora Network, the Magdalene network, Divine Princess Aurora, and the masculine counterpart , the Archangel Michael grid. All of these collective consciousness are the natural future evolutionary state of the collective human awareness or the Galactic human awareness. As we evolve, so does that of the planetary higher Mind of Gaia, and we naturally evolve into the custodians of Mother Earth.


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