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Heart Accesses Divine Wisdom of Earth's and Alcyone's Akashic Libraries

This meditation was conducted in the Sedona, Az Earth vortex. It is also a connection lei line with the Galactic consciousness grid. For those of you moving into geomancy and earth grid work, this would be a great meditation to connect and expand your consciousness. In this meditation, we act as human stellar DNA codes, creating a unified grid that connects the human morphogenetic field into the Sedona portal at Slippery rock. There are powerful Stone Beings at Slippery Rock that facilitate connection to the consciousness of Mother Earth.

This video has been condensed to give you the two main connection points to the Galactic grid. In the first section, we connect with the support of the Stone beings at Slippery Rock ,that act as a facilitator of Earth Consciousness, to guide us through the portals of our hearts into the sacred diamond heart of Mother Earth. From there, we can use the frequencies of our heart to open the akashic records of our entire Soul journey on Earth.

The second half of this meditation is opening our hearts to the Galactic tribe or essence of our Soul signature. As we open our hearts and wish to connect at the soul signature level, Alcyone, the heart of the Pleiades and of our local stellar cluster, connects us to our Stellar Soul journey records. As we remember who we are, we step into our Soul and our Soul light body becomes the activating force of the Planetary light body. He individually and collectively connect to the planetary mind and become the planetary Logos. Humanity takes its rightfully place in the planetary ecosystem.

This is just a taste of the potential that you are stepping into. Enjoy and love being God that you are!


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