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Radial Plasma Body, Healing at the subatomic level, creating with preconscious, primal energetics!

This video is an overview of the Plasma light body. We plan to add future videos that will activate these plasmas in the chakras in a variety of different ways; affirmations, chants, tones and mudras (hand positions). The purpose of working with plasma consciousness is multi-layered. The first is for the healing benefits. Breaking old patterns and healing the physical body is of primary importance for the work of Awakening and Ascension. It is never easy and seldom fun when dealing with health issues, yet working with energies that are literally from a different vibratory dimension gives one the support to effortlessly shed these old patterns and stagnant emotional energies. I have always wanted to delve into the knowledge and Akash (spiritual records or etheric library) regarding the plasma light body. It has intrigued me for years and so I finally asked the question from my current level of understanding regarding the radial light body. I know that this is just the birthing of my self-inquiry and rough draft of the plasma body knowledge base that may seem elementary, however I thoroughly enjoyed the process and wanted to stir your interest in a very important and yet mostly unconscious modality of self-healing. I would even venture to say that working with plasma healing is a method of receiving the intelligence of the Great Central Sun in direct communication and flow of Source through and supporting you. Note that watching the plasmas of the Sun with reverence is an ascension trigger and can activate the knowledge through direct heart-felt connection with the Sol/Soul intelligence. Our first effort of working with the translation editor was not perfect. We will continue in our initial efforts to integrate this technology into our videos. However I want to spell out the individual radial plasmas by name so that you can identify them in your own energetic body, healing and meditation efforts. Dali plasma = Crown chakra Seli plasma= Root chakra Gamma plasma= Third Eye chakra Kali plasma= Sacral chakra Alpha plasma= Throat chakra Limi plasma= Solar plexus chakra Silio plasma = Heart chakra The other benefits of activating the plasmas of the chakras are of inestimable value. These benefits are best explored through your own inner guidance, yet I would like to share with you some of the domains that have appeared for me. There is a definite re-organization to the Galactic web of existence that include a rearranging of the mind to organic radial time, a new knowing of Source/Creator as order, harmony and synchronicity and a sense of connectedness to All That Is! When you can begin to feel the plasmas as more than heat and light and begin to know them as consciousness to play with, then you are tuned into the Galactic consciousness and the organic matrix. When I speak of primal energetics in the title, I am referring to the galactic archetype known as the Red Dragon, the primal force or primal electricity of the universes. These primal plasma energies are similar to the electricity that passes information through the neurons of your brain. However, science has not been able to measure or even detect the electricity that conducts information at the Gamma brain wavelengths and above. These primal electrics cannot be measure as yet, but they can be felt by the aware and cognitively prepared Human consciousness. The purpose of this video, in this context, would be to prepare the human brain to be able to recognize gamma brainwaves (40 Hz to greater than 200 Hz) and greater (having brainwaves that register in the gamma wavelength is but one definition of 5D consciousness) for registering information and energies vibrating at rates above the presently configured human brain capacity! Believe me, you will get smarter. To make an even greater leap into the unlocked potential that awakens with the use of Radial plasmas is that of registering the awareness of the consciousness of the chakras. Right now, humanity knows that the chakras vibrate at Solfeggio frequencies, but cannot cognitively register (except for those that are in an Enlightened stage of consciousness) those frequencies through the brain into our physical reality. As the brain expands its neural connections through the strengthening of plasma flow, the Solfeggio frequencies of the Light body/Chakra system of 187 through 967 become more than just a sound in our brains, but the conscious exchange of information and sentience between humanity, Earth, and the galaxy! Enjoy the exploration of your inner journey of consciousness!


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