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What are Andara Crystals?

AN DA RA is the name of a quantum crystal that is being found all over the world right now to serve humanity and each individual's activation of their Bliss Body or Ananda Kosha, as a Hindu sadhu would teach. The Ananda kosha is the bliss body or the spiritual layer beyond the mental body that is incorruptible by physical reality distortions of energy. Another way of saying the Bliss body is Christ body, Krishna consciousness, or Christ Consciousness that comes from the God Source within you and is projected around as a facet of the auric field. These An-Da-Ra are serving the planet through the human connection to create a tree-of-life bridge, anchoring the Christ energy into the material plane through the activation of the human DNA, Adam (Adama) Kadman divine human blueprint.


Furthermore, the An-Da were seeded by the An-Ra collective of the Andromedians, Orians, and Blue Avian/Sirian consciousness of Lovelight and Lightlove. These Andara crystals are quantum beings in crystalline form, not from this earth plane, seeded here now for awakening star seeds and the anchoring of the Christ Consciousness, Bliss body in the individual and the morphogenetic field of Mother Earth in-soul-ed Sanat Kumara planetary logos.


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