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Sedona, Arizona planetary High Heart alignment, light grid opening and Native grounds meditation

This video is from a sacred journey we took with a group for the Spring Equinox 2022.

This is a powerful high heart chakra activation of your light body to that of the Sedona Vortex and planetary light body. The note of the crystal bowl, the green emerald bowl is F#, which is the frequency of the high heart. It is the same frequency of the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid. The drumming is the pulse of the heart chakra of Gaia. You can imagine yourself connecting to all the sacred vortices throughout the world and unifying them during your own unique connection and activation journey. In this meditation, we are opening our individual hearts and creating a human vortex superimposed over and integrating with the high heart chakra of the Sedona, AZ crystal formations. The native Americans used this location for their spiritual ceremonies. We are inviting each of you to tie into and consciously expand this vortex in the ever-present Now. Many spiritual healers use crystals to balance and harmonize their high heart chakra, which is the energetic ground for your immune system. An even more powerful dynamic is to connect to the healing energies of Mother Earth. In this meditation we are using the crystalline DNA/RNA of our human genomes held in our bones to create a circular vortex of healing on the planetary grid of Mother Earth. In connecting to Mother Gaia, our inner world opens up to us as our morphogenetic DNA/RNA is cleared and begins to resonant at its crystalline potentials. As we integrate our consciousness to the planetary consciousness through Mother Earth's Sedona portal connection, we begin to understand our role as caretakers of this planet and humanity's place as bridge to embodying the planetary logos, higher planetary mind or noosphere. Furthermore, as you align and consciously follow the frequencies of the native drumming and emerald bowl, they activate notes within your heart strings. You begin to notice the filaments of your heart as they tie into the threads of gold veins within the earth's crust. You can follow those veins of golden abundance consciousness as they weave themselves deeper with your heart strings and deeper into the core of Mother Earth's heart, until they take you into the Diamond core heart. From the diamond heart of Mother Earth, feel the filament golden threads of connections to every heart on the planet. Likewise, you can feel those same threads in your human heart, both physically and energetically. When you do that, you are resonating in alignment with Mother Earth, embodying the frequencies of love and abundance, and healing the planet. Enjoy being the rainbow bridges you came here to be!!


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