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Sedona Vortex Attunement Crystal Bowl Amplification / 2022 Spring Equinox Portal

Best listened to with earphones!!! This is a powerful sound healing meditation that taps into the zero point Source field of the 2022 Spring Equinox planetary alignment. The purity of the crystal bowls amplify the intensity of the Sedona vortex, a dynamic planetary vortex that restructures human DNA into a coherence with nature and the planetary mind of Gaia. The crystalline grid of Sedona resonates and attunes the crystalline DNA within the bones structures, realigning your DNA/RNA in-phase with Mother Earth. I highly recommend that you use earbuds or earphones to receive the fullness of the sound of the crystal bowls. I would recommend that you listen with the intention of feeling which of your chakras are being activated within you. Once you feel the connection to the chakra, let go and merge with the sound/frequency resonating inside of you. Move from observer of the sound into being the sound. With repeated attunement to this sound healing practice, you will begin to feel a magnetization of the spine as your chakras open and spin. All chakras can be felt opening during this meditation. Furthermore, you may be able to feel yourself as waves of consciousness moving at the level of beingness within. This is an intense sound/vibration practice, so you may feel some piercing affects in your chakras, as the purity of the crystal bowls and the power of Sedona resonate and begin to open and spin the chakras. Not to worry, the piercing affect is the calcification of the density around the chakras being sloughed off and the chakras opening and expanding as they strengthen their magnetic fields of consciousness. No matter your level of awakened chakras, this meditation has the intention to bring you in the knowingness that you are one with collective consciousness that is the planetary mind. Upon completion of this sound healing, you should feel a warmth of heart surrounding your auric field,. You as an energy being, a frequency aligned with Mother Earth generating the feeling of warmth of the heart/nature/crystalline grid for you to feel, and be for others. In Gratitude, Denise and Michael Alchemy: The Soul of Transformation


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