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The Key to Meditation

The heart is the key to meditation...

Focus on your heart
The Key to Meditation

I refer to this as Heartfulness Meditation. It is the secret to life because paradoxically, it is the last place people look to find the answer to the greatest mystery of life, “Who Am I?” The secret to life is hidden in the heart behind the veils and walls of our own creation, the pains and suffering of believing in a life of separation. The heart is the beginning and the end of our journey of #Awakening and #Self-Realization. The heart is the ‘Be All and Get All’ of life. Heart Is #Love. Heart is #Contentment. Heart is #Fulfillment. Heart is #Connection. Heart is #Truth. Heart is #Oneness. There is only ONE Heart!

Heart-based meditation is the practice of connecting with ‘All That Is’ within you. Everything is contained in the heart. Everything we're looking for is in the heart. The answer to all of our questions are in the heart. The answer to the one question that is the Alpha and the Omega of spirituality, “Who am I?”, is in the feeling nature and portal that we call the heart.

What is mindfulness? Why would anyone want mindfulness? Let us look at the meaning of the root words and these two thoughts that we keep injecting into the meditation practice. Mind and Fullness are the two intentions created in a Mindfulness practice. Is not the purpose of meditation to still the mind? “Be still and know that I am God!”

Let us not travel the road of filling the mind with thoughts. That is not the objective of meditation. This leads, ultimately, to a struggle for control of the thoughts and deeper still, the #Mind itself. And who is this struggle with? This struggle is between two competing facets of the ego. First is the personality, that which has a name and is a compilation of all the beliefs and experience of a life in physical form. That which we call I. It is also referred to as the pseudo-soul, or the 3rd dimensional counterpart of the infinite Soul. And then there is the ego, that voice that is always speaking in your head and identifying with things that it is not and taking ownership of thoughts and action as if it was the doer. It is constantly judging events and looking for the safest alternative. The #ego’s primary job is self-preservation.

The struggle then is between the #personality, or #soul nature which has been accrued through lifetimes of lessons learned, qualities realized, and an insatiable search for #wisdom and experience, and the ego, with its agenda of self preservation, trying to win this contest of silencing the mind. The #personality and the ego are aspects of the human Mind.

However, we #intuitively know that it is futile to try and control the Mind. The Mind’s role is to perpetuate the individuality consciousness, which is the basis of separation, and secure its own survival. It is constantly reaffirming its objectiveness from ‘All That Is’ and thereby perpetuating its existence. Therefore to engage in a process of controlling the mind is a futile effort, a never-ending battle that has no chance of liberation because that is the Mind’s purpose. The Mind’s purpose is control. #Victory can only be glimpsed by refusing to engage in the battle. This is where so many people are derailed in their initial attempts at meditation, as they do not understand the nature of the Mind and its purpose and are thereby swept up in the mind’s efforts to control, battle, achieve, and win.

The only way to transcend this battle is to understand the purpose of the mind and just let it be. The mind is going to do what the mind does. Do not engage in judging the mind’s activities and thoughts as good or bad. Do not not move into the pattern of comparing what shows up to past experiences or unfulfilled expectations. Allow the mind to build hypothetical futures, #goals, and intentions and #remember that that is its job and there is simply and effortlessly nothing to do. Something #magical happens when you do not react and move into #awareness of the mind’s activities and thoughts. That #magic is the space to allow the field of #possibilities to become present. It is the opening of the field of #potentiality in the Now experience.

This is the goal of meditation, to leave the field of the mind and individual consciousness and expand into the field of "All That Is". Then access to your true nature becomes available. We will explore accessing this True Nature through the gateway of the heart in Part 2 of The Secret to Meditation.



Michael Stack
Michael Stack
Jan 16, 2019

Gee-yoU-aRe-yoU in the making of an excellent GURU, for those looking for answers. Beautiful Sight and Site BRAVO!!!


Unknown member
Jan 15, 2019


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