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Activating Gaia's Rainbow Light Body thru integrating 4D & 5D Higher Self's. Planetary Ascension!

This is a very powerful guided activation. It is designed to be listened to 3 times on 3 successive days. Then, it is recommended that you wait a week or more before beginning new levels of the activation and expansion, which will lead you to higher levels of integration. This is a quantum meditation. Through practice, you will be able to see the layers of consciousness woven together and it opens new levels of inner-Self exploration, especially with your connection to Mother Earth. Your participation in the meditation adds to the energetic vortex, group consciousness and changes it EVERY time; the vortex becomes more powerful and the Rainbow Bridge is strengthened. The ultimate goal being the materialization of the Rainbow bridge from the non-physical to the physical in the consciousness of Mother Earth and Humanity.

The first time that you perform this activation, you will receive it at the level of the 3rd dimensional mind, that of slowed down and magnified. The 2nd time, you will be able to feel a movement and escalation of the inner perceptions of your Awareness and a fleshing out of the imagery of your Self created expansion. There is a flow, ease and grace that soothes the emotional body. The 3rd time, you will notice even more expansion of the inner world and imagery, and a noticeable integration of the energy into your being, especially the higher mental body. The overall effect will be a centering in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies and you will feel that as a sense of peace, clarity, well-being, satisfaction and/or fulfillment.

ABOUT this meditation: As participants int he meditation, we create a group energy vortex and synergize the DNA star lineage of all participants to create a group Soul centered in the heart of the Divine Goddess/Earth Mother. We connect our surface consciousness into the crystal heart of Mother Earth and merge with our light body Higher Self (4D). In the synchronization with our higher 4th dimensional Self, we merge into the heart consciousness of Mother Earth, activating Gaia's light body. As the energies begin to move and create electromagnetic fields, they are attuned to the magnetic field of Mother Earth. This creates a torus field around AND through the heart of Mother Heart that activates our chakras system and merges with the magnetic field of Mother Earth, establishing the rainbow light body of Mother Earth through the resonating fields of consciousness. The resonating fields of consciousness included that of your 3D hologram, 4D Light body in the core of Mother Earth, Mother Earth's 3D and 5D consciousness, to name those merging in planetary ascension.

As the Rainbow bridge is activated and realized, we then create a conduit of consciousness or wormhole with our Soul/5th dimensional Self to ground our Soul in the physical Earth realm. The human vehicle in the meditation act as a grounding antenna for our multidimensional selves, anchoring in Mother earth's crystalline grid and attuning the clarity of our receiving and broadcasting multidimensionality. The result is a merging of the 3rd/4th/and 5th Dimensional Selves.

Enjoy! We would love to hear how Mother Earth talks to you during this meditation. Please your insights in the comments for others to be able to receive your perceptions too!


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