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Creating Infinity Structures (figure 8's) generating bioelectric fields to hold Infinite Helix Codex

This meditation is a foundation, the building blocks of a much larger field of consciousness that we are activating in your DNA morphogenetic field. This larger structure is called the Infinite Helix. It is a very complex structure that needs layering of strong bio-electrical fields to be able to give the Infinite Helix coherence in the physical domain.

We start by creating loops of energetic plasma strings through the center points of your chakras, then we connect them outward horizontally. In the motion or movement of your consciousness around the infinite strings, you are visually weaving the energies around the infinite loop and creating electric currents through the chakras. The chakras are consciousness nodes for multidimensional awareness and experiences. As the Infinity structure gains power, it begins to rotate around the center point chakra, weaving a horizontal spirograph of infinity structure loops within a circular orbit, circumference of 12 feet in this meditation. When all of the chakras are activated with the infinity structures and are rotating clockwise or counterclockwise or both directions simultaneously, they create a pillar of light around the auric field. With practice of creating this pillar of light around you, you will first be able to sense it and then feel it. With dedicated application, you will become conscious of the pillar of light as a living being, a part of you connecting the etheric web of your chakras to the organic galactic grid of existence.

In the later stage of the meditation, we move into the core of Mother Earth and weave the infinity structure loops vertically, using the core of Mother Earth and the Soul Star chakra above our crown as the nodes of the farthest reaches of the Infinity Structures. We again weave the Infinity loop from Mother Earth through each chakra center and above to the Soul Star node and back through the center point of the chakra and down to the heart of Mother Earth's core. We are generating bio-electric magnetic fields by allowing our consciousness to follow the threads and speeding up our movement through the loop passage.

This meditation is great to run the circuits of the infinity loops. When you do this at the core of Mother Earth, you're aligning your energetic field with Mother Earth's, grounding your magnetic field into Earth, and creating the Infinite structures for Mother Earth to sustain the Infinite Helix codex in the morphogenetic field for humanity. Planetary ascension! When your chakras get sufficiently charged up, through the ability to stabilize the Infinity structures electromagnetic field continuously in your energetic grid, you will begin to feel the chakras as liquid magnetic well-being. The meditation practice itself is so satisfying and the chakras feel alive, pulsing and vibrant, as they shine their coherence into your auric field for all to receive, feel and benefit.

Thank you for unlocking your Infinite Helix Codex, (part 1)!!


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