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Meditation on activating the Planetary, Solar and Galactic (Stellar) light body. Esoteric Psalm 23!

This meditation has several main parts in the activation of the 'House of the Lord' or Light Body. The first part is the activation of the 77, 000 nadis that make up the nadial system or the connecting infrastructure for your Light body consciousness as felt through the physical vehicle. Then, we move into activation of Diamond Consciousness through our heart and the planetary grid or light body. The third part works with the Throat chakra, which is of paramount importance in expanding the light body to allow the emergence of the Soul into the physical vehicle. The fourth part leads us into activating the Pineal and Crown chakras, turning on the crystalline palace. This effectively allows the entire spine (sushumna channel) and chakras to become harmonized and synchronized together giving the feeling of the activation of the Staff (the vertical spinal column) and the Rods (horizontal multidimensional personal identity consciousnesses). As we connect to the North and South poles energetically, we expand our light body into the planetary light body. The meditation continues to activate the Solar expansion with our Sun and then to the Stellar or Stars of our Galactic blueprint through the nadial system. All of these connections help to weave the galactic blueprint into our physical vehicle through the light body nadial systema and into the nervous system, spine and brain. Ultimately, the DNA for the original Divine Human blueprint is connected to the Galactic blueprint or original God HuMan template and our divine heritage is restored. Another analogy that we can use for this light body activation is that of Enlightenment. This is enlightenment of the physical vehicle through the brain and supporting nervous and chakra systems. Enlightenment of Consciousness is supported through the purification of the heart and the mind. In this meditation, activating diamond consciousness is the purification of the heart and the brain that serves in aiding the purification of the mind. Ultimately, this activation leads one to divination of the physical vehicle or enlightenment of the body consciousness or cellular collective consciousness Listen to the meditation and follow the inner energy and feeling nature as the energy moves within and opens 'doors' of new connections. It is not necessary to do anything. Your Higher Self will do everything as your thoughts begin to melt away. We call this aligning with the Higher Self or Source and becoming a receiver of energy. Enjoy!!


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