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The Saturation of Inner Well-Being into the expansion of your physical consciousness.

This meditation is a powerful activation of your light body through the portal of your heart. The activation of your heart is the beginning of expanding your individual consciousness to your light body consciousness (4D)/soul consciousness (5D). There is a transference that happens as you ween yourself off outer sensory mind constructed reality into the inner being of your feeling nature, the currency and communication of the soul. The highlights of this meditation are as follows: *Activating the heart portal *Connecting to heart of Mother Earth *Connecting to Soul Star/Father Sun chakra *Feeling the intimacy of God in your heart and the knowing your-Self as that intimacy that you are seeking. *Monadic group soul integration *Photonic light - DNA Activation *Soul Signature Essence Radiation *Expansion of personal self into Oneness consciousness *The smoothness of Inner Well-Being beyond time and space. A 5th dimensional beingness of feeling instead of sensory stimulations creating a outer world focused perspective.


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