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Whole Body Healing - Solfeggio frequency 174HZ - Grounds & Connects Earth Chakra & Light Body

About this solfeggio video of 174 hertz: The Solfeggio frequency of 174 Hz corresponds to the earth chakra 12 inches beneath your feet. This is a difficult chakra to feel because it is outside of the body. It is usually felt through nature and your connecting to nature. In particular, this frequency connects us to the Earth's crystalline grid at the light body level of perception and the Earth mantel at the physical level of perception. It corresponds to the Earth's mantle consciousness. The Mamos have a name for this being: Shendukua! Shendukua is the deva (Earth consciousness) in charge of Earth's tectonic plates and all Earth elementals. The frequencies of human emotions have a distinct affect on the Earth elementals; ungoverned discordant human emotions created great havoc in the elemental kingdom, causing the earth to vibrate with agitation. Therefore, volcanic activity and all weather patterns are also a reasonability of Shendukua. Govern your emotions and you govern the weather patterns of the planet. Open your earth chakra and you can become a rainmaker too. Open your earth chakra and the elements of your body resonate with the elementals of nature. You and She become One. This is the power of the solfeggio frequencies when practiced with Awareness! It is recommended that you use ear phones or ear buds when listening to these frequencies for best results. These can be played during sleep-time to allow your subconsciousness to program your conscious reality. About Solfeggio frequencies: Solfeggio frequencies are known for their healing properties and purifying affects on the chakra system. The beauty of these solfeggio frequencies are that they are designed to activate your Light body. The chakra system are the human being's multidimensional consciousness system. The Mayans refer to the light body as the Holon, holographic luminous 4th dimensional light body. The consciousness of the Holon is our Higher Self that connects us to our Spirit body or Soul consciousness (5D Self). When you begin to feel the Soul essence, one feels as if the Light of God is shining in your awareness and the heart of love flows through with such intensity that the only thought is that you wish to share this state with everyone. The mind and its thoughts are dissolved in the intense frequency of your Soul. The egoic self feels as if God is Presence in all life and all relationships. The merge of the physical self, Holon and Soul reaches a new level of integration. The solfeggio sounds are the resonant harmonics of your Holon or Light body chakras. By listening to them, we activate the chakra that corresponds to that frequency. In addition, with awareness of the process, we begin to build the charge and connections of meridian/nadial synapses at the subatomic radial plasma consciousness levels of perception. One can feel the results by the healing affects on the physical body. These healing effects are accompanied by an expansion of higher emotional states and new mental thoughts and creativity that expands to thoughts of service for humanity and Earth. While it is a great service to offer healing frequencies to humanity, most solfeggio's' do not address the consciousness of the Higher Self that is the real cause and effect of the benefits received at the physical level. It is the light body of the 4th dimensional Higher Self that the solfeggio frequencies are aligning with. It is the relationship of the Higher Self that we are to focus our objective upon. All healing and benefits otherwise derived are from the strength of the awareness of the alignment and integration/grounding of the merging with our Holon. The solfeggio frequencies are the sounds and resonant frequencies that activate the DNA/RNA to create from the divine human template the infrastructure at the physical level for the descent of higher multidimensional consciousnesses into the physical vehicle.


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